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Our Story

Authors Inside began on two separate coasts (California and Virginia), separately hatched within the minds of a writer (Laura Gaisie), an incarcerated author (Emmanuel Gaisie), and a graphic designer (Lindsay Heider Diamond) who partnered together to create a book in January of 2020, The Molding of Him, by Mr. George K. L. Smith.

After The Molding of Him was published and released on Amazon, the team went their separate ways but an idea had been planted. The following month, the designer, Ms Heider Diamond was contacted by another incarcerated author in her own state. The authors's wife had seen Mr. Smith’s book The Molding of Him and inquired about the design and formatting for his own novel.  That led to the designer, Mrs. Heider-Diamond, working with numerous authors behind bars in Virginia. Meanwhile, the writer, Mrs. Gaisie, was collecting and working on manuscripts from several incarcerated authors in California; one manuscript written by her husband, Mr. Gaisie. He was witnessing the benefits of writing on the inside, not only for himself but for his peers, for the community on the outside, and how their stories could have an impact on at-risk youth.


The next time the writer and the designer spoke, nearly 6 months later, they both realized a great need to help bring these voices out from behind the bars.  Collective skills and minds were put together and Authors Inside was born.

Authors Inside's vision is to provide HOPE, HEALING, REFORM, and REDUCING RECIDIVISM through four programs: publishing, education, outreach & resources. 

Our goal is to publish stories written by talented incarcerated and formerly incarcerated authors. We believe writing is a form of healing and inspires hope for the writer and those who will be impacted by their stories. Education is administered through our education program where some of our authors have written books like I OWN I AM, and The Concert of Denial & Manipulation, which are being used by Project A.W.A.R.E  in Los Angeles as a curriculum with teens. Additionally, we are developing behavior-specific curriculums, to further reach at-risk youth and adults within the judicial system to be used at county probation, and self-help groups. Through outreach, our formerly incarcerated authors present their books at speaking engagements in the community. We are developing a writer's guide and handbook to be offered as a resource, and hope to someday have a resource center where literacy support can be offered to people with lived experience and their close family members. 


Authors Inside will be included in Pen America's updated resource handbook for their Prison Writing program. 

Laura Gaisie, Executive Director of Authors Inside is a prolific writer of her own novels and in addition, publishes inspirational work under her publishing company Purple Pearls Publishing. Laura lives in San Luis Obispo, CA.


Emmanuel Gaisie, Chief Operating Officer of Authors Inside was recently paroled from the Mens Colony in San Luis Obispo, CA. Emmanuel is also the author of The Concert of Denial and Manipulation..


Lindsay Heider Diamond is a graphic designer, illustrator, and fine artist living in Charlottesville, VA.


Mr. George Smith and Kamau A. Shabazz (Mr. Otis Greene III) were also instrumental in the creation of Authors Inside as it was their work (The Molding of Him and I OWN I AM) that brought Laura and Lindsay together. Mr. Smith and Mr. Greene were released from prison in 2020 and 2021. Mr. Smith serves on the board of Authors Inside and Mr. Greene is a cherished and valued volunteer staff member.

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