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Ali Moseley - Words I Never Got Spoken

I am a playwright, novelist, and poet. I haven’t always been this successful in life. I had a challenging childhood, and when I was 25 years old, I found myself in prison serving a life sentence. Authors Inside motivates me to transform my life, move toward positive, healthier life choices, and realize my full potential as a contributing member of our writer’s community at California Men’s Colony and beyond.

Tommy Eugene Lewis, III - C.H.I.P.S. (Chameleon’s Hiding In Plain Sight)

Authors Inside has been the voice of my Living Amends. I wanted to create something that would allow me to touch other’s lives in a positive way and decided writing a book would be the perfect way to get my message out. Authors Inside allowed me a platform and a sense of hope that I could somehow help another human being, even from behind the walls of a 41-year prison sentence. No longer reticent, but capable of making a difference in a positive way because Authors Inside allowed for my voice to be heard

Tom L. Murphy - STOP Criminality

My message is to share how change is possible as long as one takes change serious through recovery, rehabilitation, and daily introspection. I chose Authors Inside because they give people like me (incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals) an opportunity to get their message out in hopes of reducing and preventing crime and making communities safer.

Our goal is to publish stories written by talented incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons aimed at at-risk youth and young adults to promote hope, healing and reform to reduce recidivism. We believe writing is a form of healing and inspires hope for the writer and those who will be impacted by their stories. 


Through the publishing of behavior-specific curriculums we hope to reach, teach and educate the at-risk youth and the community on reform and provide a solution that will reduce recidivism.

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Writing & Book Publishing

Fiction and nonfiction books are written by incarcerated and previously incarcerated individuals with lived experience. Authors Inside is listed as a resource in PENAmerica's Handbook for Writers.


Behavior-specific curriculums are beneficial for offenders, detainees, at-risk youth, facilitators in community organizations, schools, probation, re-entry services, and by criminal justice students.


Workshops, Webinars, Presentations and group facilitation.


Support services for adults and at-risk youth who may be struggling with literacy and at the start of the cycle of violence, coming into contact with probation and the judicial system.

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