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Leslie Montgomery

1.  Tell us your name and the title of your book?

 2.  What was your reason for writing a book?


 3. What did you learn from the process of publishing your book?

 4. How do you hope your book will inspire others on their path?

Rocket Launch
Rocket Launch


Authors Inside

by William Segura (incarcerated writer)

Upending all who resist the march they fall alone

the voices are distant from the barriers we create

walls of thought and bars of steel with intention,

they are raised to obscure that part of who we are,

that reminds them of the fragile and arbitrary nature of the human condition. 

Like a rose growing among the asphalt reaching out from the brokenness of the unforgiving surface

collections of word and thought offering the deepest parts of themselves so that others may know,

as they have discovered that even from within the dungeons we have built

there is hope, there is change

and despite a world that says our words can never have meaning

we see through the impact of our expression

that we are truly

Authors Inside.

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