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Funding Supporters

AUTHORS INSIDE is grateful to all our donors and supporters.


We would like to recognize those who have helped with our startup funding and who continue to support Authors Inside.

We could not do this without you! 

Thank You!

Linda J.

Teresa W.

Lindsay HD

Uolanda B.

Eugenia C.

James T.

Johnett J.

Larry D.

Jen CK.

John H.

Hannah RG.

Julie O.

Kristan L.L.

Meredith R.B.

Jen S.

Barbara G.

Gina I. S.

Laurian G.

Amanda D.

Maureen M. M.

Diane G.

Zarina B.

Tammy J. H.

Elizabeth A.

Cate B.

Janel K.

Robin M.

Loren H.H.

Julia C.

Sophia F. M.

Grace K.

Andrew F.

Holly G.S.

Neil S.

Tom D.

Celine O.

Tom M.

Will S.

Irene B.

Laura G.

Ivy R.

Melissa E.

Lori E.

Briana C.

Otis G.

LynRose P.D.

Martin D.

Donna F.

Pamela L. G.

Henry A.

Kathy B. W.

Tina H.



Corey T.

Rene B.

Ray F.

Peter J. A.

Erica R.

George K.L.S.

Elizabeth VD

Nancy N.

Yasnai O.

Pauline M.

Scott H.

Jason D.

Laura J.

Juanita B.

David W.

Renee W.

Rene B.

Monique J.

Anna S.

Lupita T.

Janel K.

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