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Services Provided

Programs Provided to the Community

  • Reentry Support

  • Mentorship (for at-risk youth, teens, or adults)

  • Relapse Prevention Education

  • Gang Prevention workshops

  • Criminal behavior workshops

  • Denial management workshops

  • Interpersonal Process groups

  • Behavior-specific curriculum

  • Alcohol & Drug addiction workshops

  • Prevention, Early Intervention, and Tertiary Intervention workshops

Programs for Youth & Teens

  • At-risk youth workshops and school presentations

  • Writing & Journaling resources (mapping)

  • Trauma-informed Writing Workshops for at-risk youth and teens

  • In-house grant Book Publishing

8-week mail-in course (certificate programs) for the Justice Impacted: Prisons/Jails

  • Alcohol & Drug Education

  • Fundamentals of Denial Management

  • Recovery Model Development

  • Relapse Prevention Planning 

  • Gang Mentality Management 

  • Changing Criminal Behavior


6-month mail-in course (creative writing & publishing program) for the Justice Impacted: Prisons/Jails

  • Writing & Journaling resources

  • Trauma-informed creative writing program

  • In-house grant Book Publishing

"We believe in a restorative process.

Writing is therapeutic, it reduces violence and helps people impacted by crime.

We share these stories to help meet the needs of victims and offenders, by gaining insight, to inspire hope, promote healing, and reform to reduce recidivism."

Emmanuel Gaisie

Director of Programming Services, George K.L. Smith speaking at CDCR 04/15/2022


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